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Introducing Tournaments - Join the battle to win prizes!

ByGengGamerTeam •  Nov 11, 2022
It's time to unleash your inner champion. Geng Gamer takes on the esports world with a series of tournaments for all members to compete for exciting and exclusive prizes. 
Open to all residents of Malaysia, all you and your squad need to do is sign up for a free Geng Gamer account and you can register for any of our free tournaments.  
In collaboration with Hotlink, there will be a huge array of tournaments each season, featuring the top mobile esports games in Malaysia - here’s what’s hot in Geng Gamer tournaments right now:

Hotlink #BikinSampaiJadi MLBB Tournament 2022 featuring Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)

The Hotlink #BikinSampaiJadi MLBB Tournament 2022 is Geng Gamer’s biggest MLBB tournament, open to 1024 teams all vying to win their share of the monumental RM20,000 cash prize pool. Two qualifying rounds take place on the 26-27th of November and 3-4th December. Winners of the qualifiers will battle it out in the group stage from 10-11th of December with the winners going on to face off at the finals on 18-19th December, all in with a chance to win cash prizes. 
Registration is open from now until the 24th of November for the 1st qualifier. Registration for the 2nd qualifier is open from now until the 1st of December. Get more info here:

Hotlink Friday Scrims featuring Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)

In addition to the  Hotlink #BikinSampaiJadi MLBB Tournament 2022, all MLBB players can compete for their share of 240,000 Geng Coins every week. Running from 8pm - 12am every Friday, this tournament is the perfect opportunity for you and your team to get warmed up for the bigger competition. Registration opens 2 weeks before each allocated tournament day and closes 48 hours prior. Participation is limited to 64 teams per event, so hurry up and register your team today. More details can be found on the tournament page

Hotlink #BikinSampaiJadi Battle Royale featuring PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Mobile (PUBGM) 

Prefer a Chicken Dinner? Join the #HotlinkBikinSampaiJadi Battle Royale, where you can win your share of 60,000 Geng Coins each week. This battle royale solo tournaments commence 1pm every Saturday with registration opening 2 weeks before each allocated tournament and closing 24 hours prior. Participation is limited to 320 solo players per event with the weekend’s champion receiving 20,000 Geng Coins, and the nine runner-ups getting as much as 10,000 Geng Coins, depending on their ranking. 

Participating in Tournaments

Before joining a tournament:
  1. Sign up for a Geng Gamer Account. If you are a Hotlink or Maxis subscriber, you can sign up with your mobile number. If you are not, simply sign up using your email address.
  2. Go to the tournament section and pick a tournament you want to participate in. Please provide your actual In-game Name (IGN) from the game you’re participating  on the registration page. 
  3. Some tournaments will require you to check-in 30 minutes before your match starts, so be sure you and your team check-in in good time. The green check-in button can be easily found on the tournament page once the check in starts.
  4. More information and tournament rules can be found in the Overview and Rules section of the respective tournaments.
Hot tip! Once you join a tournament, you can see all your upcoming matches in your Profile page. Go to Profile > My Account > Overview or Matches

Before your match starts:
  1. If you are joining a battle royale tournament such as PUBGM, the tournament organizer will email you the Lobby ID 30 minutes before the match starts. If you do not receive your Lobby ID in time, please submit a report by clicking on the Submit a Report button at the top of the tournament page or in the bracket page.
  2. If you are joining a MOBA game tournament such as MLBB, the team on the top of the bracket will need to create the lobby and invite the opponent within 10 minutes of the start of the round. The brackets will be generated once the check-in period elapses. You will then be able to view your opponent’s IGN in the bracket by clicking on the Brackets tab on the tournament page. Add your opponent as a friend of the respective game that you are participating in and invite them to your lobby. 
  3. You can easily reach out to your opponent by coordinating with them through the tournament page discussion board or in-game chat.
  4. If you’re at the bottom of the bracket, please wait for the lobby invite from your opponent.
  5. If your opponent does not show up, accept your friend request or respond to you, you can submit a report prior to the start of the match. The tournament organiser will assist you in this matter. You can submit a report by clicking on the Submit a Report button at the top of the tournament page or in the bracket page.
Hot tip! The Geng Gamer tournament platform will notify you of key events from a tournament via the registered email address including when your match is starting, when a bracket has been generated, when someone has replied to you in the discussion board and when the results of the tournament are announced. So please be sure to use a valid email when registering for a tournament and check your spam if you have not received any email notifications.

After the tournament:

  1. Take a clear screenshot of the result page of the match as soon as it is finished.
  2. Input exactly the same score into the Geng Gamer tournament page by going to Profile > My Account > Overview/Matches tab.
  3. Click the three dots on the side of the match you finished playing. Press the Submit a Score button and fill in the score of the match. Upload the screenshot and press the Update Score button.
  4. You will move to the next matchup once the admin or opponent has confirmed the score. If there is no confirmation after 10 minutes, please Report an Issue via the match list.
  5. For cash prizes, the tournament administrator will reach out to the representative of the winning teams. More details can be found in the Rules section of the respective tournament
  6. For winners of Geng Coins, the winnings will be transferred to the player account after the tournament ends. More details can be found in the Rules section of the respective tournament
Hot Tip: Trash-talking, smurfing, and cheating are strictly prohibited and any player who violates any of Geng Gamer’s tournament rules can be disqualified. You can do your part to ensure fair gameplay by reporting any team or player if you believe they are violating the rules. Be sure to capture screenshots as evidence when you submit these reports. 

Last but not least, be sure to have fun! GLHF!

Geng Gamer Team

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