Everything You Need to Know About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Bygenggamerfal •  Sep 20, 2022

The newest instalment of the Call of Duty franchise is almost here! 

If you’re a fan of the series, you probably can’t wait to get your hands on the new chapter coming this October 2022 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. 

Developed by Infinity Ward in collaboration with Activision Shanghai, Modern Warfare II is a complete reboot (not a sequel) of its predecessor, Modern Warfare (2019), with a brand-new engine and completely overhauled gameplay mechanics. 

Its previous arcade-like visuals have given way to more mature, realistic, first-person shooter (FPS) action based on current events. There will be single-player campaigns this time, although multiplayer modes will still be available.

With the Open Beta this September and the release set for the month after, we’re here to get you up to speed with what to expect from the 19th instalment in the Call of Duty franchise. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the game.

Campaign Setting

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, you are thrust into an unprecedented global conflict with the return of the game's iconic Operators from Task Force 141.  

You will reprise the members of Task Force 141 and need to travel from Mexico to the Middle East in an attempt to bring down the Las Alamas drug cartel. 

Campaign Missions

The Modern Warfare II preview has revealed a bit of the gameplay for at least six campaign missions. Here’s what we know so far:

Operation Dark Water

On an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, there is cargo that could spark a global war. Intel gathered by Task Force 141 indicates that missiles are concealed on board, so they've sent in Soap, Ghost, and Mexican Special Forces, Colonel Alejandro Vargas, along with Shadow Company, to infiltrate a ship full of heavily armed AQ enemies and locate the controls for a missile directed towards the United States.

Wet Work

This may be familiar to fans of the Modern Warfare series, but this mission in Modern Warfare II showcases new swimming and water mechanics.

You assume control of Gaz, who, with the help of Price, will investigate the source of goods smuggled to Al Qatala in a subterranean canal in Amsterdam. Several unique gameplay elements, such as underwater shooting and a ledge hang, are featured in this mission, implying that there are multiple ways to eliminate the enemy.


Following a nearby helicopter crash, this mission takes place under cover of darkness. Before securing the wreckage, you must use night vision to remove any nearby targets. A large group of hostiles soon surrounds the wreckage. The mission concludes with a rocket crashing into the downed chopper.

Vehicle Mission

Call of Duty campaigns have had vehicle missions previously. Modern Warfare II's unnamed mission includes new vehicle mechanics that allow players to shoot out windows and climb onto the roof of the vehicles.


In Tower, the action takes place in a major city, and it all starts with players on a daring descent down the side of a skyscraper. You can scale the building either head-first or feet-first. The mission appears to give players the freedom to complete it in their own way by using various techniques to complete the main objective.

Stealth Mission

Another mission similar to All Ghillied Up from Call of Duty 4 will be included. According to Infinity Ward, you will use a ghillie suit and a sniper rifle to kill enemies alongside Price. Bullet trajectories will be affected by the weather, just like in Call of Duty 4.


some kind of facility. At the end of the teaser trailer, Vargas jumps off a cliff into the unknown. Not much else is known about this mission.

Will Modern Warfare II Come To Steam?

Yes, and in fact, you can place your preorder now. Since 2017's Call of Duty: World War II, no other Call of Duty game has been available on Steam. Previously, Call of Duty games had only been available through Activision Blizzard's proprietary service, but now, PC gamers on Steam will have the opportunity to join in the action.

Modern Warfare II Pre-Order

Pre-orders for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II are now available, and there are two different editions to choose from.

The Cross-Gen bundle, which includes both the previous and current-gen versions of the game for Xbox and PlayStation (PC players only receive the base game and pre-order bonuses).

The second option is the Vault Edition. This includes Ghost Legacy Pack, Red Team 141 Operator Pack, FJX Cinder Weapon Vault, Battle Pass + 50 Tier Skips, and 10 Hours 2XP + 10 Hours 2WXP.

Open Beta and Release Date

Open Beta for Modern Warfare II will be available for free first on PlayStation, starting 16th to 17th of September 2022 (Early Access) and 18th to 20th (Open Beta). 

The event will open for cross-play (Early Access for Xbox, PC, PlayStation) from the 22nd to the 23rd of September and the 24th to the 26th of September (Open Beta for all platforms).

Players who preordered the game digitally will receive the Beta codes to gain early access. They will also be able to unlock rewards available in-game at launch.

Various maps have also been developed for Modern Warfare II Open Beta, including a stunning map of Marina Bay Grand Prix in Singapore, where combat will take place for the 6v6 multiplayer.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is set to release on the 28th of October 2022.

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