Apex Legends Mobile: 5 Best Legends For Beginners

ByGengGamerAXO •  Dec 15, 2022

Having recently won Google Play’s Best Game 2022 award, Apex Legends Mobile is proving to be one of the hottest mobile esports titles this year. Featuring a hero shooter + battle royale hybrid gameplay, it has become the most downloaded mobile game in 60 countries. 

If you are interested in having a go at Apex Legends Mobile, we have curated a list of beginner friendly Legends to help you get started.

1. Lifeline

As the name suggests, Lifeline is a dedicated healer (and the only one) in Apex Legends Mobile. If you are new to hero shooters, you might struggle to stay alive against higher skilled players. This is where Lifeline comes into play. 

Sometimes, staying alive is a viable strategy to win a game. Lifeline has a few abilities that boosts the survivability of your team. Her passive ability, Combat Revive, allows her to drop a D.O.C. drone to revive up to two teammates. While the drone is active, she is free to move away or fight. Her tactical ability, D.O.C Heal Drone will heal nearby players over time. Lastly, her Ultimate, Care Package, drops supplies containing defensive gear.

2. Bangalore

Of all the Legends, Bangalore’s gameplay is probably the closest to a traditional shooter. She has a good mix of offensive and defensive abilities that feel right at home for FPS gamers. 

First, her passive ability, Double Time, gives her a speed boost every time she is fired at. In addition, her tactical ability lets her throw a smokescreen to obscure an area, allowing team mates to escape or set up an ambush. Her ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder fires several missiles to deal damage and slow down targets.

3. Wraith

Wraith is a stealth type offensive Legend that rewards run and gun gameplay. Wraith is especially good for beginners thanks to her passive ability, Voices of The Void, that allows her to sense when she is being aimed at. It also alerts her squadmates when enemies are nearby. 

Her tactical ability, Into the Void, makes her invulnerable while running through a void. This helps her avoid taking damage and reposition to safety. However, enemies can see a light blue trail and anticipate her movements. Lastly, her ultimate, Dimensional Rift, creates two linked portals that allow everyone to traverse between these two points. It has a long uptime and can change the game if well placed.

4. Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a tank Legend, which benefits new players who tend to be on the defensive side. His passive ability, Gun Shield, deploys a shield whenever you aim down the sight, allowing you to soak up damage and boosting your survivability. 

His tactical ability, Dome of Protection, creates a large dome that negates all incoming and outgoing bullets. While in the dome, Gibraltar can revive players faster as well. His ultimate, Defensive Bombardment, is straightforward. It calls in a mortar strike on a marked position, dealing damage in an area.

5. Bloodhound

We have saved the best for last. Bloodhound is a tracker type Legend that can track and detect enemies. His passive ability, tracker, detects enemy footprints and informs your squad of the expected enemy position. His tactical ability, Eye of the All Father, detects enemies within range, helping your squad to prepare for any potential ambushes or push into buildings. 

His ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, allows him to transform into the ultimate hunter, increasing his speed and allowing you to see footprints and your enemies in red. Downing enemies while in this state increases the uptime of this skill. It may take some practice, but it is by far one of the best abilities in the game.


All in all, the Legends listed above have their own niche and cater to different playstyles for beginners coming in from other games. We hope you had fun trying these characters out for yourselves and find your preferred playstyle in Apex Legends Mobile.

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