All You Need to Know: PUBG Mobile

ByGengGamerAXO •  Nov 16, 2022

PlayerUnknowns Battleground Mobile, or PUBG Mobile took the mobile world by storm by bringing the battle royale game genre to mobile. With over 1 billion players worldwide, it is one of the most popular mobile games out there. If you love the battle royale genre, then PUBG Mobile should feel right at home. Here are 8 things you need to know about PUBG Mobile to get you started.

1. Customise your controls

Like all shooter games on PC, it is important to get the controls to work for you. In PUBG Mobile, you can arrange the layout, adjust the size and transparency of your touch buttons. It is crucial for you to do this right, as it could mean losing or eating the chicken dinner.

If you are like me and struggle with touch controls, try using a compatible bluetooth controller to make your life easier.

2. The mini map works wonders

Knowing is half the battle, and mini maps are especially important for PUBG Mobile. There are two key pieces of information you need to pay close attention to. The first is the location of the safe zone, also known as Be There In Time If You Don't Want To Die. Second, tiny arrows will appear to indicate where the sound of enemy footsteps come from, gunfire or vehicles. Use this to your advantage and avoid getting jumped on.

3. Keep moving

Most newbies of PUBG Mobile tend to camp at safe places, thinking they can avoid unnecessary battles. On the contrary, you will be trapping yourself once your opponents find out your location and surround you. Keep moving and stay on high alert for any approaching enemies. You can always lock your sprint, and adjust your camera to look around you without changing your running direction. Stay vigilant, comrade!

4. Vehicles are handy

While running is fine, driving is much better. Sometimes you are caught in a pinch, whether you are pinned down, or are too far from the safe zone, being able to drive away from danger helps. Every map is littered with vehicles, and you should get one as soon as possible. Driving controls are straight forward enough that you can easily hop into a car and ride away.

5. Auto loot

For beginners, we suggest turning on Auto-Pickup. This allows your character to automatically pick up loot drops. It even automatically snaps compatible parts to your weapon cache for you. However, keep in mind your inventory space is limited, and inventory management is crucial especially when you are on the run. Don't just stand around shuffling through your inventory, you will be a prime target for snipers.

6. Go prone when necessary

If you are a veteran of any shooter games, you know what a smaller target is harder to hit. If you are pinned down, going prone will help you avoid getting shot by your opponents. Combine that with taking cover, you can turn the tide of the battle and come out on top.

7. Know when to run

This comes without saying, but staying alive in PUBG Mobile is non-negotiable. Sometimes you need to run and live to fight another day. You will often find yourself outgunned, outmatched, and out-geared by other players. If you find your opponents to be stronger, it is better to fall back, find loot, gear and then return to clinch your victory.

8. Play with headset

Like any other shooter games, PUBG Mobile players rely on subtle cues such as gun shots and footsteps to sense the location of the enemy. Phone speakers usually do a poor job at directional audio. You should get a decent low-latency TWS earphone to gain the upper hand.