All You Need To Know: Mobile Legends Bang Bang

ByGengGamerAXO •  Nov 17, 2022

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, or MLBB for short is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game available on iOS or Android. Launched in 2016, it is one of the most popular MOBA titles today, with more than 80 million monthly active players. If you are a fan of MOBA and would like to try playing one on mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang should definitely be on your shortlist.

While the general concept of MLBB is similar to other MOBA titles out there like League of Legends or DOTA 2, the gameplay is much simpler and has controls optimised for mobile. To help you get started, below are all you need to know to play like a veteran.

1. Game Modes

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang differs from other MOBA titles when it comes to their game modes: Classic, Ranked, Brawl, VS AI, and Arcade.


Classic mode is the most traditional of all game modes. It is ideal for newbies or MOBA players from PC to get used to the gameplay and controls. You have a 5v5 format with no more than one same hero on your squad.


Ranked mode is MLBB's competitive mode. Each season lasts for a quarter and players are divided into 7 divisions. You can slowly work your way up by winning games and you are always playing against opponents from the same or similar division. Ranked mode can be played solo or with friends, however your friends would need to be within two divisions higher or lower than you to join.


If you want to get into the ganking action in a fraction of a full game, this mode is for you. Heroes will randomly be given to you. Since there is only one lane while still maintaining a 5v5 format, it will be chaotic fun as 10 players pile on each other as the match begins.


As the name suggests, your team will be playing against a team of AI controlled heroes. It is great for practice and testing out new heroes and team compositions.


Arcade modes are special game options available only to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. There are a variety of sub modes for you to try out and have fun.

2. Map Features

One notable feature of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is how the map is laid out. At first glance it looks like a generic tri-lane MOBA map. However, each lane has different gold and exp gain rates. For example, the bottom lane is known as the gold lane, where gold drops are of a higher amount. Top lane is known as EXP lane and is great for solo players to level up quickly.

3. Game Objective

Like other MOBA titles out there, the objective of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is to destroy the enemy base. Each lane has turrets protecting it, and you need to destroy the turrets and 'push' the lanes. When the minions are within range of the turret, you can attack it without being targeted, and your opponents can do the same. The gameplay loop involves destroying turrets, protecting your turrets, killing minions and opponent champions. You win the game by destroying the enemy base.

4. How Many Heroes Are There in Mobile Legends?

Currently, there are a total of 115 heroes that players can buy from, whether farming in-game currency, microtransactions or playing from the weekly free heroes list.

5. Supported Devices

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is strictly a mobile only title. It supports both Android and iOS. From our testing, the game runs smoothly even on low-mid range devices.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a great MOBA title for mobile, and it helps scratch that itch when I need to play while away from my PC. Do try out the various game modes and find one that is right for you and join millions of other players for some MOBA action.

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