All You Need To Know: Genius Invokation TCG

ByGengGamerAXO •  Dec 23, 2022

Genshin Impact has entered Version 3.3, and one of the most exciting features is the Genius Invokation Trading Card Game, where you can collect cards of your favourite characters such as Ganyu, Xingqiu and Sucrose, and battle it out with NPCs and other players. 

Learning how to play this TCG can be difficult for players who have little knowledge how trading card games work, so we have curated all you need to know about this fun TCG to help you get started and duel like a master.

1. How to unlock Genius Invokation

To unlock Genius Invokation, you are required to be at least Adventure Rank 32, and have completed the Archon Quest 'Prologue: Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom.' While the questline is not hard, it is near towards the current endgame and it will take a while for new players to get there.

2. The deck

Each deck is made of 3 Character Cards and 30 Action Cards. Your Character Cards will be placed on the field at the beginning of each duel. You win the game by defeating all 3 of your opponent’s Character Cards using the Action Cards on your hand or by activating the character skills of your active character. Likewise, you will lose the duel if all 3 of your Character Cards are defeated first.

3. The gameplay

Each turn consists of specific phases. At the beginning of each game, you select one of your Character Cards as the active character. Then you will enter the roll phase, where you will roll 8 elemental dice (more on that later). As you enter the action phase, each player takes turns to spend elemental dice to perform actions. Different characters correspond to a specific element just like the main game, ie: Diluc uses Pyro dice, Kaeya uses Cryo dice. Each action you take will either: damage your opponent’s character or provide buffs. Once you run out of elemental dice or are unable to perform any actions, you will have to end your turn and pass to your opponent. Once they run out of actions the next round will begin.

4. Elemental Tuning

At the beginning of the game, you are dealt 5 Action Cards to your hand. Aside from using them to perform actions, you can discard them to perform Elemental Tuning. Elemental Tuning allows you to change the element of one die for each Action Card discarded. So if you are in a pinch, use this opportunity wisely.

5. Elemental Reactions

Just like the main game, you can chain different elemental attacks together to cause Elemental Reactions, such as Melt (Cryo + Pyro), Freeze (Cryo + Hydro) and so on. For example, causing a Melt reaction will deal additional damage to your opponent’s active character. It is recommended that your Character Cards on the field have different in mind to make use of this mechanic.


So that just about wraps up our guide for Genius Invokation TCG in Genshin Impact. Many players have enjoyed the mini-game after experiencing it first hand, with many . With that being said, we hope that you are ready to jump in, start building your deck and challenge the NPCs and your friends alike.

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