All You Need To Know: Garena Free Fire

ByGengGamerAXO •  Nov 17, 2022

The battle royale genre is popular among mobile gamers today, and Garena Free Fire is among the most popular. Unlike other battle royale shooters that implement their own twists into the genre, Free Fire is a straightforward easy to learn shooter. Almost anyone can pick up a phone and learn the mechanics of the game within minutes.

Regardless, here are a few things you need to know before you start playing in order to get the best experience out of Garena Free Fire.

1. Tweak Your Controls

If you have played other battle royale games, you most likely have read about this. Free Fire players can arrange the placement of each button so that you can have the button at precisely where you need it to be. For those who want to take battle royale games seriously, it is important to have the controls work around you, not the other way round.

2. Stay Out Of Trouble

A common mistake new players make is to get too aggressive too early in the game. You attract attention to your location, and your opponents might be drawn to you, making you outnumbered and outmatched. A safer strategy would be to camp around and keep moving to whittle down the number of players as they get picked off by others. Also stay close to safe zones so that you will be out of danger while allowing room to explore and find loot.

3. Learn Your Characters

While there is less variety of characters compared to hero shooters, Free Fire characters have individual abilities that could influence how you play. For example, Kelly is fast and works wonders when sprinting around and out of gunfights. Knowing what each character is good at could help you hone towards a specific playstyle.

4. Seeing Red? Shoot!

Unlike other shooter games, aiming down the scope in Free Fire will flow red when the target is in the sight. This indicates that you are most likely to land your shot. Train your fingers to tap precisely whenever your crosshair turns red, as shooting first gives you the advantage in crucial gunfights.

5. Don't Stop Moving

Avoid staying at the same place for too long, especially if you are a passive player. Enemies are always on the lookout and trying to pinpoint your position when the safe zone shrinks. If you stay hidden for too long, you will eventually be found out. Always stay on the move to throw off your tracks and stay stealthy.

6. Have The High Ground

This is especially important for sniping as positioning yourself on the high ground awards you with a vantage point to see your enemies' whereabouts. Some buildings even provide a decent level of cover, while giving you all the field of view you need to land those head shots.

Staying on top of buildings also makes it easier to defend, as there usually is only one way in and out. Just be careful not to be stuck on buildings and unable to get out to the safe zone.

7. Use Safe Zones To Your Advantage

Shrinking safe zones are a staple of battle royales. Many players will scramble for safety whenever this happens and lower their guard. Use this opportunity to your advantage by staying near the edges and picking them off one by one. Opponents who are caught outside the safe zone will be less likely to fight back as they will take damage over time. However, doing so for too long will get you caught outside the safe zone as well, so do it wisely.


So that wraps up all you need to know to start playing Garena Free Fire. We hope you enjoyed this article and had tons of fun playing this popular battle royale.

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