All You Need To Know: Apex Legends Mobile

ByGengGamerAXO •  Nov 17, 2022

Whenever Apex Legends is mentioned, one would think of the PC version. However, Apex Legends Mobile is not just an ordinary port, but rather it is built from the ground up optimised for smartphones. Often viewed as a hybrid between hero shooters and battle royale, Apex Legends Mobile is on the rise to be one of the most popular mobile games out there.

We have compiled all you need to know about Apex Legends Mobile to help you get started in this exciting battle royale hero shooter.

1. Learn The Controls

PC or console FPS gamers often find it difficult to adapt to touch controls. However, you are provided the chance to tweak your on screen controls in the tutorial. Feel free to try out different configurations and adjust the controls to work around you. Alternatively, you can grab a compatible controller for a game console-like experience.

2. Know Your Legends' Abilities

Playable characters in Apex Legends Mobile are known as Legends. Currently there are a total of twelve Legends available in the game. Each of them has 3 unique abilities — Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate, and fits a specific role in the team: such as offence, tanks and support.

Try out a few of these Legends in the practice range and find one that suits your playstyle.

3. Play Apex Legends With Friends

Sure, you can definitely play Apex Legends Mobile solo, but the core gameplay revolves around groups of three. Find your friends and meet up for game sessions and your life will be much easier thanks to direct communication and less guesswork to figure out what your team is doing.

4. Coordinate Your Team

While we are on the subject, let's focus on team roles. While it is fun to have a team full of tanks, your team is exposed to battles of attrition. Having a balanced team with support, offence and tank works out better in the long run as weaknesses can be covered by other roles. You should also try out different characters that serve different roles for more versatility in team building.

On another note, never split your team. Splitting your team exposes individual weaknesses and makes easy pickings for your opponents. As your opponents usually run in groups, you will easily be isolated and out-gunned in a 1v3 scenario. If you need to go somewhere, tell your team to follow you and stick together.

5. Where You Drop Matters

It is important to know where you first drop on the map. Areas with the best loot are marked purple on your map, and it is crucial to decide whether you want to get there first. While having good loot at the beginning gives you an upper hand, the same can be said for your opponents. One good strategy is to avoid conflict at the beginning and get mid-tier loot to sustain for longer and even the odds.

Don't be discouraged when you see multiple groups approaching the same point of interest. If the landing zone gets too hot, divert to a safer place and reorganise.

6. Learn The Skill System

This is where Apex Legends Mobile diverges the most from the PC counterpart. Each Legends has a skill tree system that can be unlocked by gaining XP from playing that character. These skills come in three types: Perks, Finishers, and Abilities. Do keep note that you can only equip one per category for each character. You can always save these as loadouts to quickly swap them between games. It is a neat feature that allows you to further tweak each Legend to fit your playstyle.


Now that you have come this far, we hope our article could help you understand Apex Legends Mobile better and start having fun with friends.

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